Sunday, February 11, 2007


Fly Fishing Catch and Release

I was surfing the net -

This is a great tool to help you understand how to catch and release on your next Fly Fishing Vacations!!! -

Increasing numbers of anglers are fishing our accessible waters and remote areas of the state. Continuation of Alaska's high quality sport fishing depends upon more anglers choosing to practice catch and release when fishing for our resident fish species. An objective of the Division of Sport Fish is to provide a diversity of fishing opportunities while assuring the conservation of Alaska's stocks of fish. You help do this when you harvest only those fish you will use and release the rest of your catch unharmed. Using catch and release techniques to land your fish when practicing selective harvest also assures you that the fish will be in the best possible physical condition when you make the decision to harvest it for food or to release it.
Choosing Your Tackle
Landing Your Catch
Handling Your Catch
Removing Your Hook
Reviving Your Catch

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